Membership awarded to long-time members who have retired from their art therapy profession.


$20 /yr


$15 /yr


$10 / yr


$10 / yr

The Art Therapy Association of Oklahoma (ATAO) welcomes individuals who wish to become new members.  ATAO membership is open to all AATA membership categories.

Open the form, fill in the blanks, and print it out.  Please mail it to us along with your check made out to "ATAO" at our address:


P.O. Box 300327

Oklahoma City, OK  73140

    Opportunities for fellowship, networking and art-making

     Network and collaborate with colleagues and other professionals who share a common vision

     Occasions for continued learning in the field of art therapy

     Promote public awareness of the field of art therapy

     Facilitate the therapeutic use of art in institutional and private settings

     Advertise private practice or other art therapy events on our website

     Support what you believe in — join now and help grow our voice as we create a sustainable, creative and exciting community in Oklahoma!

Just What Are the Benefits of Becoming an ATAO Member?

What Is the Cost for Membership?

How Can I Become Involved in ATAO?

It's easy!  The best way is to become a member of ATAO.  Membership has added advantages for networking and art making.  We also encourage networking in our community regardless of membership status.  We welcome members of the Oklahoma art therapy community to participate and collaborate with ATAO whether you are a member or not.  Please contact us for more information on how to get involved.

Membership Enrollment Form

PDF format

Updated:  Dec 28, 2014

Membership is for one year starting on the date of your payment.

Life Member




Membership Types and Fees

An individual who is an ATR or an active professional member of AATA.  Professional members may vote, hold office, and serve on committees.

An individual who is interested in the therapeutic uses of art.  Associate members may not vote or hold office, but may serve on committees with application approval.

An individual who is currently enrolled in art therapy or related coursework.  Student members may serve on committees with application approval.

An individual interested in the association’s activities and programs.  Friends may serve on committees with application approval.