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January 7, 2018

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January 7, 2018

Hello Friends,

I welcome 2018 with a grateful heart and hope all of you have reason to be grateful, as well.  A new year means new officers for ATAO.  Your current board consists of:

     Kay Foster, - President

     Coretta Harding - Treasurer

     Misti Vekas - Secretary

We have exciting plans for this next year and hope you will be present and ready to participate in the many opportunities for fun, fellowship, personal and professional growth that ATAO offers.

The ATAO Winter Meeting in Norman presented many exciting opportunities and issues to be addressed in the coming year:

     1.  An annual art show has been proposed to be in conjunction with the

          annual April conference and Norman’s Art Walk.  

     2.  Title protection and recognition are hot topics for art therapists


     3.  Coretta Harding is creating a survey to distribute among the

          membership to measure what ATAO needs to address to continue to

          grow as an organization.

     4.  The conference, An Artistic Response to Trauma, promises to be

          enlightening and pertinent to professional practice.  Andrea Davis is

          happily creating art experientials for the afternoon session.

     5.  We are even beginning to organize the conference for 2019!

     6.  A locator function on the website which would show where each

          ATAO member in the state is located has been proposed.

Please join us as ATAO endeavors to enhance and the lives and the practice of its members.

Kay Foster


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